This Human Rights assignment is the Introduction to Communication class project.

This Human Rights assignment is the Introduction to Communication class project. The Human Rights project is created by students, facilitated by faculty, and will give voice to the issues that students are interested in addressing. The purpose of this project is to serve and empower the community and create social change.
We base our work in this project on Yoruba philosophy broadly: “Humans are divinely chosen to bring good into the world” and Kemet Rhetoric specifically:
1. The ethical concern for the dignity of every human person is a fundamental aspect of rhetorical practice.
2. Well-being and flourishing of the community.
3. Integrity and value of the ecology.
4. Reciprocal solidarity and cooperation of all humanity.
Project Guidelines & Rubric: Total of 30 points
9 points: Prep and Annotated Bibliography
7 points: Anti-racist Work: White supremacy is the most destructive system operating in the modern world. Focus your work on being subversive of white supremacist power. How is your work subversive to dominant power? How does it resist white supremacy? How does your project actively resist racism? What specific things does your project do that make it anti-racist? Anti-racist work is critical to creating a more inclusive community and the world, and the fact that your work is anti-racist should show itself in your project performance, regardless of your topic.
7 points: Human Rights Advocacy and Social Change: What specific human rights (s) does your project address? How will your project create change? How does your project advocate for others? For example, how does your work resist toxic masculinity and empower women, men who act for equality, and/or children? The focus on creating social change should show itself in your project performance (i.e. don’t just focus on the problem, but use the performance to resolve it and bring justice.)

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