This assignment will involve your research and reporting of a recent or past hig

This assignment will involve your research and reporting of a recent or past high- profile crime incident (local, state, national, or international), using textbook, media, crime journals, SHSU Library, etc. You are expected to summarize the who, what, when, where, how, and why of the crime. You will also apply at least one criminological theory as a possible explanation for why the crime was committed, and one deterrence method to prevent or deter crimes of similar nature. The body of the paper should be at least three pages, typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman or similar 12-point or 14-point font, and APA (6th ed. or later) or MLA format for citations. All sources should be cited. A title/cover page and a works cited page is required for a total of five (5) pages.
1. Body of Paper Must be at Least Three (3) Pages
2. Must Also Include a Title/Cover Page and a Reference/Works Cited Page
3. Must be Typed and Double-Spaced
4. Use a 12-Point or 14-Point Font (Times New Roman or Similar Font)
5. Indent Each Paragraph/Use Block Format/Justification for Paragraphs
6. Use *APA (6th edition or Later) or *MLA Format for Citations
7. Look Up Examples of APA and/or MLA Citation Formats
8. Research a Recent or Past High-Profile Crime and Tell Me About It!
9. Include at Least One Crime Theory from the Textbook to Correlate to Why
the Offender May Have Committed the Crime, and One Possible Deterrence
Theory/Method That Might Prevent or Deter Future Similar Crimes
10. Andrei Chikatilo

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