The Theory you will be using for this assignmetn is the Likelihood Model of Pers

The Theory you will be using for this assignmetn is the Likelihood Model of Persuasion(ELM)
Overview: Your task in this assignment is to apply the theories covered this semester to a situation,
episode, or
circumstance from your real-life experiences. Assume for this assignment that the theory has
practical value.
Length: five pages minimum, excluding references (double-spaced, 12-point font, with 1-1.15 inch
on all sides)
Your application logs should include the following components:
Selected Theory (30 points):
Clearly state the theory that you will use for the application. In your own words, briefly state your
understanding of: a) who developed the theory, b) what the theory is about, and c) examples of
situations that the theory addresses. If there are more than one theory that you will apply, address
each theory
individually. NOTE: you may use the content from the synopses, but please cite
your sources properly.
Communication Situation (20 points):
In one paragraph, describe the particular situation that you plan to use for the application of the
This may involve a description of your own media experience or it may involve a
description of people you know and how they interacted or reacted to some circumstance. Your
description ought to include a clear reference to some communication behavior or reaction to
communication. You must provide enough
detail in your description so that it is clear exactly how
the theory you select applies appropriately to the
Application of the Theory (50 points):
In this section, you should apply your selected theory to the situation that you’ve described. Issues
can address in this section include, but are not limited to: What insight(s) do you believe the
provides that help you to understand the communication behavior that you’ve described in
your situation? What prediction does the theory make or what advice might it offer for the future or
for other similar
situations? What criticisms have been made about the theory? What are the overall
merits of the theory? It should be evident in your application that you understand the theory and are
able to apply it to the
particulars of the situation you choose.
Conclusion (20 points):
Restate your thesis, summarize what you have learned from applying the theory
References (10 points):
Use APA style for your in-text citations throughout your plan and for your reference list, which will
include all the sources you consulted for this assignment. If you are not familiar with APA style.

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