The Movie Is The Race Option 2. Select a movie. Carefully watch to develop a cri

The Movie Is The Race
Option 2. Select a movie. Carefully watch to develop a critical analysis of an African American protagonist.
The balanced critical analysis paper will be between 8 to 9 pages in full length, with 4 to 5 APA cited
references. Remember to include application and analysis of a multisystem, intersectional, and antioppressive lens. Factors and questions for consideration to guide this work will be provided at a later date.
Assignment 4. Capstone Practice Project Assignment: Application of Multisystem Anti-Oppressive
Practice Lens Advance Culturally Sensitive Practice with African Americans. Students will reflectively review all course knowledge [e.g., reflection journals, concepts, theories,
assigned reading, class discourse, practice methods, and learned practice skills]. This project is an
opportunity to integrate and apply development and/or advancement of a multisystem anti-oppression
practice lens to one of two project options to foster and sustain equity-sensitive and culturally
sensitive/competent practice with African Americans.
Expectations and Grading Criteria:
1. Completion of all outlined requirements and directions for the selected Capstone Practice Project
2. Application of all course learning materials.
3. Demonstrate ability to critically reflect and draw conclusions based on class content about applying
a culturally sensitive and anti-oppressive lens of oppression.
4. Application of Social Work’s Values and Ethics, Standards of Cultural Competency with African
5. Application of culturally competent awareness, knowledge, theory, and skills.
6. Demonstrate clear and concise written skills with grammatical cohesiveness.
7. High level ability to describe and analyze personal awareness process, in developing greater antioppressive multi-system level practice skills.

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