The Great Recession (2007-2009) had a significant impact on health. Overall, t

The Great Recession (2007-2009) had a
significant impact on health. Overall, the prevalence of chronic
disease and mental illness increased, with a substantial increase in the
rate of suicide, and the effects were greater among men and racial or
ethnic minority groups.1 Overly simplified, the Great Recession was
caused by providing too many loans to too many households who were
unable to pay the money back.2 Because of the lost revenue, several
banks went bankrupt, and the entire economy suffered.
You work
for the IRS, and you have been tasked with creating new regulations on
the banking industry to prevent the Great Recession from occurring
again. To create new regulations, you can either use the command and
control method, negotiated rulemaking, or self-regulation.
your initial post, pick one method of creating new regulations and state
why that method is best for protecting the public’s health.
your response post, find an original post that selected a different
method for creating regulations. Comment on why the original author
should change their mind or how you changed your opinion after reading
their post.
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