The course in on Global Perspectives in Healthcare Frankie has just met with th

The course in on Global Perspectives in Healthcare
Frankie has just met with the project manager, Ashley, who is his direct boss. Ashley has requested that Frankie identify and anticipate the healthcare needs for countries without universal coverage. He decides to compare two countries: one with universal health care and one without in order to complete the task. He has found two websites to be particularly helpful. Assist Frankie by completing the following.
Conduct research using information from the links below. Write a one- to two-page paper (not including cover and reference list) in APA Style. Include an introduction, create and complete the table below, and conclude with a summary.
Compare two countries from these sources: one that has universal healthcare coverage and one that does not.
Include how each dealt with COVID-19 and other pandemics/deadly diseases
Visit these websites:
Montgomery’s Differences Between Universal Coverage and Single-Payer: (Links to an external site.)This site depicts the distinction between universal and single-payer healthcare coverage.
CIA World Factbook: (Links to an external site.)Select the dropdown “Please select a country to view,” which is found toward the right of the web page, close to the top of the page. Select countries for review. Expand the “People and Society” section for each country.
The impact of COVID-19 on global health goals (Links to an external site.)

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