The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has immensely impacted the global economy. In additi

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has immensely impacted the global economy. In addition to the obvious global public health effects, COVID-19 has impacted both the demand and supply side of the world economy. Countries, including the USA, have reacted and continue to react to the impact of the virus and have developed and implemented policies and programs to address the situation. This is an opportunity for you to review relevant information about the effects of the virus on the American economy from a supply and demand perspective. Using relevant and available data, where applicable, develop a 6 to 8 page analytical essay on the socio-economic effects/impact of the Coronavirus.
Your essay must discuss the following industries or sectors of the American economy from a demand a supply approach:
Public Health Effects;
The American Education Systems (K-12 & Higher Education);
USA & Global Supply Chains;
The Travel Industry (Domestic and Global); (Airlines and Cruises);
The Hospitality Sector (including Restaurants and Hotels;
The Entertainment and the Sports Sectors;
The Agricultural Industry;
The Manufacturing Sector/Industry in general (including the automobile industry, new and used cars, electronics, information technology, etc.);
The Real Estate Sector;
The Banking Sector and the Financial Sector (Major Financial Sector’s Indices, USA and Global);
Overall/General Economic Variables (Inflation, Unemployment, Economic Growth, Recession, etc…).
Implementation of Government policies to mitigate the economic effects of the Pandemic.
Nationally, there have been numerous discussions and suggestions about how academic institutions should manage the full return of students and faculty to campus for traditional face-to-face instruction. Some suggest the implementation of a vaccination protocol, especially taking into consideration the state’s low vaccination rate. Share your perspective on a vaccination policy for JSU.
The paper must contain the following parts for evaluation:
A Cover Page
A Table of Contents (2 pts)
A well-developed introduction with an outline or at least a listing of the different sections of the body of the paper; (5 pts)
The body of the paper with the relevant discussions, section by section, of the various components of your analysis from a demand and supply approach; (30 pts)
Summary and Conclusions based on the facts analyzed throughout the paper (5 pts)
Your well-articulated, thoughtful, personal opinion of the issue and recommendations for policy makers based on your knowledge of economics. (5 pts)
A Reference Page (3 pts)

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