Task: In this report, you are to: – Review and critically analyze the main acade

In this report, you are to:
– Review and critically analyze the main academic and industry literature on brand purpose and discuss different factors that are recommended to be taken into account in choosing the right purpose, executing the brand purpose strategy, and communicating the brand purpose strategy.
– Discuss the potential impact of brand purpose strategies on consumer-brand relationships over time.
– Introduction
– Body
– Conclusion
A minimum of 8 scholarly journal papers and 8 industry sources must be included in the report. Please include the below + pdf attached to the order.
Academic journals to look at:
Greyser, S. and Urde, M. (2019). “What Does Your Corporate Brand Stand For?” Harvard Business Review: 97 (1): 80-88
Vilá, O. and Bharadwaj, S. (2017). “Competing on Social Purpose.” Harvard Business Review: 95 (5): 94-111.
Quinn, R.E and Thakor, A. V. (2018). “Creating a Purpose-Driven Organisation. Harvard Business Review: 96 (4): 78-85
Malnight, T.W., Buche, I. And Dhanaraj, C. (2019). “Put purpose at the core of your strategy: it’s how successful companies redefine their businesses.” Harvard Business Review 97 (5): 70-9
Non-academic sources:

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