take one of our texts (or any text written prior to the 18th century) and use it

take one of our texts (or any text written prior to the 18th century) and use its ideas and topics to frame analysis of a modern-day issue. Then, in a format and media of your choosing, explore your issue using the ideas and concepts raised by the text, using clear and complete argumentation grounded in examples drawn from your text and/or other research materials. In doing so, you must answer the following questions:
What is the relevance of your chosen text to this issue?
What does your text have to ‘say’ (i.e. assist in understanding) about this issue?
What can be gained by framing an analysis of your issue through this text?
How does knowledge of literature from the past help one in comprehending the issues of today? (You are free to answer in the negative, so long as you can produce a convincing argument.)
This task will be subject to the following addendum:
High scoring projects will be expected to demonstrate a workload equivalent to 15-20 hours of labor. This would be equivalent to a 5-7 page formal academic paper, a 5-10 minute edited video, or 10-15 minute final-cut of an audio recording.
Work can be done in a group. However, the expectations of work output scale with each additional person. (That is, a two person group would need to produce a project equivalent to a 14 page paper.)
Some example projects would be…
Make a mock news recording of a presidential debate with Confucius and Lao Tzu as candidates.
Rewrite the U.S. constitution using the ideas from Plato’s Republic.
Create an episode of a podcast where Socrates debates American citizens on current affairs.
Write a draft policy proposal based on principles from Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

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