Study on the financial impact of social media on company (Case: Quality Beverage

Study on the financial impact of social media on company (Case: Quality Beverages Limited)
1. Submission of Research Proposal by Student
1.1 Background of the company and use of social media in the related company
1.2 Summary of Literature review, Research methods and methodology
1.3 Research aim and Questionnaires for
1.4 Conclusion
Concerning the Thesis
2. Introduction (1,200 Words)
2.1 Introduce the company, use of social media in the company, research aim
3. Literature Review (1,500 Words)
3.1 Originality and Relevance.For example: thoroughness and coherence of literature review; critical
examination and evaluation of the current business situation using academic frameworks (concepts/
business models); identification of the main research problem; its relevance and implications; originality
and creativity etc.
3.2 Recent studies on impact of social media on company, more on a financial and accounting view
3.3 Include some graphs or picture where possible of recent studies
4. Research Methods (900 Words)
4.1 . Survey and Analysis of financial statements for atleast 5 years before covid-19
5. Methodology and Data Analysis (1,800 Words)
5.1 Critical evaluation of available research approaches and methods; selection of methodology
appropriate to research objectives; selection of analytical techniques appropriate to data collected;
quality of
results obtained and relevance to research questions, etc.
5.2. Survey of 100 Random People
5.3 Question in the survey should include below:
– Is there a link between social media advertising
and consumer behavior that is mediated by attitude?
– Is Ad Credibility a Mediating Factor in the
Relationship Between Social Media Ads and Consumer
– Is there a link between social media and
consumer behavior that is mediated by message appeal?
– Is there a link between social media and
consumer behavior that is mediated through interactivity?
5.4 Analysis of Financial statement of impact on sales and other accounting items
5.5 Show results through ratios, graphs and charts
5.6 Interprete the results and comments
6. Conclusion and recommendation (600 Words)
6.1 For example: critical analysis, evaluation and application (rather than mere description) of results; interpretation of results; justifiability of conclusions and /or solutions to the problem identified; strategic action plan and recommendations for implementation; implications for management practice; recognition of limitations; suggestions for future research, etc.
6.2 Recommend the company how they should capitalise on social media in the future. How can they
improve sales and other ratios
7. For example: executive summary; style, structure and layout; appropriate use of tables, diagrams,
appendices; style of referencing etc. Harvard Style of referencing

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