Select a marketing news story, published after January 1, 2022 about a “national

Select a marketing news story, published after January 1, 2022 about a “national” or
“international” marketing development or a specific marketing company in the US or overseas.
Obviously, the positive or negative impact of the pandemic on a specific marketer, or an industry, or
the effect on small business, or food or fashion or hospitality, or any current advertising story, product
quality story; or stories about competition, global trade, counterfeit goods, sweatshops and trafficking,
VR and AR in retailing; product defects – there are many choices to consider. Please don’t hesitate to
ask me any question on a topic/story you are considering.
Your news or research article may come from any business, marketing, or advertising news sources,
e.g., Forbes, Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Business Week, or any specialized or
scholarly marketing (Ad Age, etc.) source. Please don’t use general media, blogs, etc. as your sources.
(If you see an item in the Huffington Post, for example, search the internet for the same item, covered
in a traditional business news publication.) Again, any question about your choice, please ask me.
In your paper please briefly summarize and discuss your article, and then discuss why you selected it
and how the topic relates to a marketing topic and chapter we covered in class (please be specific).
Please make sure to use quotation marks and footnotes if you quote exactly OR paraphrase from
the article. MLA format is fine for footnotes. A guide to footnoting is here: Also include a Bibliography
listing all sources you used for the paper. PAPERS WITHOUT FOOTNOTES and a

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