Select a current event or social issue, critically analyze and discuss the probl

Select a current event or social issue, critically analyze and discuss the problem from at least two perspectives, apply at least two psychological concepts to the event/issue, and reach a conclusion based on your critical analysis.
To critically analyze a topic, you need to be able identify at least two different perspectives, evaluate each perspective, conclude the best course of action moving forward (or the best stance/option to take if no action is required), and recognize possible limitations.
After you have selected your topic, identify the different perspectives you want to discuss. These perspectives should not simply be based on your own experience. You should back up your thoughts with evidence and citations from scholarly sources. It is fine to start from your own experience, but that experience needs to be supported by the research literature.
Next, clearly explain each perspective in your paper. For each perspective, describe what the supporters believe. Examine why they might hold these beliefs. Explain the consequences of their beliefs for your social issue.
You will need to discuss and acknowledge the viewpoints of others, specifically other communities or cultures, and question your own convictions or values with regard to your chosen topic.
3. Link to Course Content. Link your social issue/event and different perspectives to concepts from the course.
There are many good ways to do this:
a. Could you apply the concept to show a possible causal relationship linked to your issue/event?
b. Can you show how your event or issue is a real world example of the abstract concept discussed in class?
c. Could you apply the concept to consider possible ways to help improve or solve the issue at hand?
d. Could the concept help explain why people are likely or resistant to help in this area?
e. Could the concept be used to help educate others about the issue?
These are just possible prompts to get you started. You do not need to answer all of these questions. There are also other ways to complete the assignment.
Try to focus on just one or two concepts so you can thoroughly discuss the application of these concepts.
4. Reach a Conclusion. You should make a conclusion based on your critical analysis of the topic. Your conclusion should present which perspective seems the most logical and best addresses the issue. Your conclusion may take the form of a necessary action, but does not need to.
5. Recognize Limitations and Implications. Make an effort to think about both the limitations of the conclusion you reach and the implications of what it would mean to move forward with your conclusion compared to other options.
My topic chosen is abortion difference between pro-choice and pro-life and the ties it has to psychology 1303 concepts

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