See attached file for full instructions Purpose of this Assessment The purpose o

See attached file for full instructions
Purpose of this Assessment The purpose of the Final Assessment for this competency is to demonstrate successful use of quantitative reasoning appropriately within the context of a real-world situation. Item Required for Submission A 4-6 page paper in APA format with the four distinct sections detailed below for any of the investigations you select, following the guidelines for completing the paper completely. Step ONE: Introduction (1 page) Describe the investigation you selected. What is the problem about? What given information have you been provided? What kind of solution are you expecting? What else might be relevant to consider in your problem situation? Step TWO: Using Mathematics (1 page) Any ‘plan’ for solving your problem should require using mathematics. What is the mathematics that is appropriate to use for your particular problem? What should be the ‘plan’ for solving the problem using that mathematics? Are there different approaches for how to solve the problem? If so, why did you take the one you chose? 1 Final Assessment: Outline and RubricQuantitative Literacy, Level A Final Assessment: Outline and Rubric Step THREE: Calculations (1-2 pages) Effective communication requires organizing the calculations in such a way that the ‘plan’ is evident. This would include the narrative discussing the calculations, as well as the calculations themselves. For readability, individual portions of this section can be placed in an Appendix if it is also organized and supports the ‘plan’ by presenting it that way. Step FOUR: Solution and Recommendations (1 page) What solution did you find? How confident are you about the answer? If possible, how accurate is your answer, and how do you know? If there is another approach that could be used, would you get a better answer? Based on the work you’ve done, what recommendation are you making about the problem you described?

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