rewriting and fitting into specific format Research Term paper on Connor versus

rewriting and fitting into specific format
Research Term paper on Connor versus graham for concepts of criminal law administrative justice
well i am still kind of working on it , but i need some help because i have two kids and im a single mom and mom baby got hurt so i did have enough time to do it well and it also needs a bibliography for 10 cites which i have five of
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Graham v Connor is the landmark case that decided the “objective reasonability” standard. In 1989 The Supreme Court ruled excessive use of force claims must be evaluated under the “objectively reasonable” standard of the Fourth Amendment. The Supreme Court ruled utilization of the “objective reasonability “standard required courts to consider the facts and circumstances surrounding an officer’s use of force, rather than the intent or motivation of an officer. In the case of Graham V Connor the following events occurred: Graham, a diabetic, was experiencing low blood sugar and needed assistance to obtain orange juice from the local convenience store. Graham enlisted his friend Barry to take him to the store with the goal of obtaining orange juice to counteract the effects of his low blood sugar. When the two men arrived at the store Graham went inside and the following occurred: Graham’s symptoms worsened Graham instinctively knew he was running out of time and could not wait in line. Graham left the juice inside. Quickly left the store and asked his friend to drive him to another location. Meanwhile, Connor, a city police officer found the behavior of the two suspects suspicious and initiated a stop where the following ensued: Connor asked the men what they were doing in the store. Connor did not believe the man had diabetes. Connor told them to stay in the car while he confirmed their version of events. Graham instead got out of the vehicle, circled twice and passed out on the curb. Connor called for backup and the officers arrested Graham. Graham sustained multiple injuries as a direct result of the detention. Graham was subsequently released after Connor confirmed the version of events with the store. Graham filed a federal lawsuit stating: Connor and the officers had used excessive force in making the investigatory stop, which was a clear violation of ‘rights secured to him under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Using the14th amendment the jury found the officer had not used excessive force. On appeal, judges could not decide if it should have been based on the 14 or 4th amendment. The case was sent to the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Rehnquist delivered the following unanimous decision: Supreme Court determined that an officer’s use of force is objectively reasonable depending on the seriousness of the incident: whether the suspect poses an immediate threat to the officer whether the suspect is actively resisting arrest (Walker & w, 2020). Justice Rehnquist decided “An officer’s evil intentions will not make a Fourth Amendment violation out of an objectively reasonable use of force; nor will an officer’s good intentions make an objectively unreasonable use of force constitutional.”
but i have to have ten cited sources i only have so far . I did use this cite from FLECT and another youtube
video to gain info
now i just need it to be in the right format and fixed up and with a bibliography
and not plagiarized because my teacher is super STRICT even words not quoted correctly are an F .

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