respond to 3 of my classmates responses 150 words each response per classmate cl

respond to 3 of my classmates responses 150 words each response per classmate
classmate 1 hl
1. What can we say about Gwen Ifill’s disposition? Was she neurotic or emotionally stable? Extraverted or introverted? Open or conventional? Agreeable or disagreeable? Conscientious or aimless? Based on the evidence presented in the article, where would a personality psychologist place Ifill on each of the five dimensions of the five-factor model? On which dimensions would she particularly high or low?
I would say she would be put on the high end of being exteraverted, because of her role as journalist and talking to people was her job everyday, especially when meeting people who were in such a high position of power in politics. When it comes to openess I would put her on the low end trait because of her ability to relate to those who were in the same position as her when she was a kid living in section 8 housing which makes her somewhat down to earth. As for agreeablness I would have to put her on the lower end of since she always needed to figure out what the truth was behind every story she told and really dig in when it comes to getting the truthful answers, it makes me think she had to be a little but ruthless to be the hardcore journalist she was. I would say she is on the higher end of conscientiouness because she ws extremely dedicated and hardworking. Thinking about where she came from and what she had to go through to get to where she is now takes some real dedication.
2. In your opinion, Is the five factor model of personality a helpful concept? Why or why not?
I believe the big five factor model to be very useful in gauging how a person acts and there behvior and mannerisms. It is a helpful concept to try to figure out what traits you might have as an individual and tell you where your strengths lie when it comes to certain aspects of life.
3. In which context could the five factor model testing be helpful?
The five factor model could be useful for trying to figure out what kind of person you are. If your not to sure what kind of traits you might have, you can get a good idea by looking at the 5 facotr model to see where you could find your strengths and weaknesses or things you might want to try to change,
classmate 2 eh
1. Gwen Ifill, Political Reporter & Co-Anchor (PBS NewsHour), demonstrated a very influential disposition to individuals. I believe that Gwen Ifill demonstrated being emotionally stable. Considering that Ifill was a Political Reporter is a representation being emtionally stable was important. I personally believe that any individual that has a career like a Political Reporter has to portray an emtionally stable disposition because of all the negativity that is expericened on a day-to-day basis. Gwen Ifill seemed to be extraverted, especially while being involved with Politics. However, when it came to Ifill personally, it seemed to be introverted. Gwen Ifill was open about information that was meant to be discussed. If certain information did not need to be discussed, Gwen Ifill did not discuss it. Gwen Ifill was mostly an agreeable. Ms. Woodruff, through a phone interview about Gwen Ifill, added that “for young women of color looking for a role model, she was it.” Ifill would provide the facts that were needed & correct the statements that were incorrect. Gwen Ifill was conscientious, having goals that were going to be accomplished. Begining at the age nine, Gwen Ifill always wanted to be a jouranlist. Ifill fufilled that dream & goal, becoming a Political Reporter.
2. I personally believe that the five factor model of personality, overall, is a benefical concept. I think that the idea behind it was logical. However, I don’t think that the five factor model of personality is always benefical to an individual. Individuals do not display the same disposition throughout every circumstance. Sometimes individuals will act according to the circumstance, basically demonstrating a disposition that fits the circumstance. How someone acts around family, could be completly different from how that individual acts around friends. Overall, I think it just depends again, on the circumstance that the individual is in.
3. I think that in the context of certain things, the five factor model of personality is important. I think that with some ways, it could benefit an applicant when applying for a specific position, with specific requirements that the employeer needs. If an individual needs to meet the requirements of specific dispositions, the five factor model of personality would be a benefit to that individual.
Overall, Gwen Ifill demonstrated that individuals personality throughout different enviorments are not always similar. Indivduals may portray specific dispositions depending on the circumstance & the other indivduals that are around.
classmate 3 sc
I think Gwen Ifill’s disposition was actually quite good. She seemed very stable, extraverted, and open. She was especially honest. Being honest might have made I believe Gwen was agreeable and disagreeable depending on your own views. If you agreed with her than she was saying and asking exactly the right things. However, if you did not agree with the way Gwen was asking the questions or how forward she was than you would think she was disagreeable. I believe her honesty and asking the tough questions made her very strong and unbiased. Out of the five dimensions, I believe Gwen would score high on the higher side. Based on the article she was very open, conscientious, agreeable, and experienced.
I think the five-factor model is somewhat beneficial. I think that everyone is their own person with their own personalities and the five-factor model is just a base. I believe it might be helpful to understand a little bit of one’s personality but there is so much more to a person that how open they are, or how agreeable they are to others, or how much experience they have had.
A specific context where the five-factor model testing could be valuable would be for teachers and school administrators. They can use this as a base for understanding the best way a child should learn. Knowing if the child is less openminded might make a teacher change around their lesson plan to fit this child’s specific need.

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