Research Report (Individual Report) Three to five students collaborate as a team

Research Report (Individual Report)
Three to five students collaborate as a team to identify a problem or issue (e.g., local, national, global, academic/theoretical/philosophical). Each team develops a team research question and conducts preliminary research. They identify approaches, perspectives, or lenses and divide responsibilities among themselves for individual research that will address the team’s research question.
Individually, students investigate their assigned approach, perspectives, or lens on the issue or topic of the team research question. Each student presents his or her findings and analysis to the group in a well-written individual report that:
▶ identifies the area of investigation and its relationship to the overall problem or issue;
▶ summarizes, explains, analyzes, and evaluates the main ideas and reasoning in the chosen sources; ▶ identifies, compares, and interprets a range of perspectives about the problem or issue; and
▶ cites all sources used and includes a list of works cited or bibliography.
Working collaboratively, the team considers all of the research and analyses from individual team members to propose one or more solutions or resolutions.
The team:
▶ collaboratively synthesizes and evaluates individual findings and perspectives to create a collective understanding of different approaches to the problem or issue;
▶ considers potential solutions or resolutions and conducts additional research to evaluate different solutions within the context of the problem; and
▶ proposes one or more solutions or resolutions and prepares an argument to support their proposal.

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