Recent events involving police officers’ use of force against unarmed individual

Recent events involving police officers’ use of force against unarmed individuals that have occurred throughout the U.S. has created an environment of distrust and societal unrest. Politicians, the media, and many public officials are calling for greater accountability of police officers and for the defunding of police. In addition, a recent community survey highlighted that over 60% of respondents had little to no trust in law enforcement.
For this assignment, you have been hired by the police department to evaluate opportunities to incorporate community policing strategies into the department. You will develop a report outlining what strategies should be implemented and why. Be sure your recommendations are based on strategies that research has found effective. In your report, be sure to include:
Demographics of your department
Demographics of the community in which the police department serves
Specific community policing strategies that can be incorporated into the department
A description of at least two current problems facing the community (vandalism, use of force, gang violence, etc.) that can be addressed by incorporating community policing strategies
A justification as to why the strategies should be implemented
Be sure to include scholarly research evidence to support your discussion.

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