Read the “Assessing Spirituality – The Relationship between Spirituality and Men

Read the “Assessing Spirituality – The Relationship between Spirituality and Mental Health” article found below.
Prompt: In this quantitative study, the authors attempted to investigate the possible relationship between two spirituality variables (religious coping styles and spiritual well-being) and two psychological variables (anxiety and depression). Also studied were differences between those who self-disclosed a spiritual/religious identity and those who did not. Their data analysis concluded that individuals who reported a high use of religious coping styles also reported high levels of spiritual well-being.
The authors felt a limitation of their study was in defining ‘spirituality.’ State how that can be an obstacle in doing religious counseling.
The authors state, “Spiritual well-being can clearly incorporate God into ones’ life while also incorporating self-reliance.” Is this not a seeming contradiction? Give your thoughts on this.
Discussion: Assessing Spirituality Resources
Assessing Spirituality: The Relationship Between Spirituality and Mental Health

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