Read the article, Intersectionality in Psychotherapy: The Experiences of an Afro

Read the article, Intersectionality in Psychotherapy: The Experiences of an AfroLatinx Queer Immigrant
Answer the following questions in complete sentences
Use your own words to answer the questions. You can only use up to 3 quotations from the article.
Answers will be assessed based on clarity of responses, use of supporting examples, thoroughness in answering all questions, following page requirements, and grammar.
Length: Minimum of 3 pages and maximum of 5 pages, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1-inch margins
Why did the authors write this paper? What issues are they trying to address by writing this article? For example, what are they saying that other researchers have NOT done?
What is intersectionality?
Define both weak and strong intersectionality
What are at least three ways that the authors suggest intersectionality be used in therapy OR identify at least three benefits of incorporating intersectionality into therapy for clients
In the case of Vicente, describe at least two times that the therapist missed the opportunity to incorporate strong intersectionality into therapy
What were questions or areas that the authors thought should have been covered from a strong intersectional framework?
Why do the authors think that the therapist missed opportunities to talk about oppression? What are at least two other reasons that therapists miss opportunities to address race-based content in therapy?
What are your thoughts about incorporating strong intersectionality areas, such as systemic racism and heterosexism, into therapy? I.e., do you agree or disagree that it should be incorporated? Why? Reference your own opinion and the information in the article.

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