Read chapter 2 of The World of Psychology textbook (

Read chapter 2 of The World of Psychology textbook
( for textbook
1. Choose a high-speed or contact sport (cycling, ice skating, hockey, BMX riding, skateboarding, football, etc.) where there is a chance of head injury for the players. Do some research into what regulations currently exist around head protection and perhaps what is being proposed for the future. If you choose a sport such as cycling, ice skating, or skateboarding, try to go to your nearest arena or park and quietly observe, without interacting with people, how many people are wearing helmets and how many are not. In your response, tell us when and where you observed the people, and what you saw.
2. Then, answer the following questions:
Knowing what you know about the vulnerability of the brain to injury from Chapter 2, what do you think of the decision to ride, roll, or skate helmet-free? What are your own habits around helmet-riding behavior? Would you change your “helmet-wearing” behavior after reading Chapter 2 (from The World of Psychology textbook)? Why or why not?
In your answer, please provide THREE reasons from your text for why people should protect their heads (i.e., their brains) in certain sports. Remember to include APA-style in-text citations within the post itself as well as full APA-style references at the end.

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