Provide at least 10 brief summaries of recent, scholarly (peer-reviewed) article

Provide at least 10 brief summaries of recent, scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles or government publications that support/justify a current and relevant business problem in your discipline or professional field (dissertations and doctoral studies are not peer-reviewed). Source(s) supporting your framework should be included. Include the complete, APA reference entry followed by (a) an in-text citation, (b) what they studied, (c) what they found, and (d) why this is important in relation to your study. This evidence provides the justification for your research problem.
NOTE: The studies you choose should be particularly relevant to your topic, rather than general so that you are able to provide support for your specific problem. Several should address the conceptual framework. All articles need to be current within the last 2 years. 100 words each review.
Example of how it should look.
Articles should be between 2019 -2022 and must be peer-reviewed in APA 7th edition
Sarvari, H., Chan, D. W. M., Fakhir, A. K., Olawumi, T. O., & Karim Aldaud, A. A. (2021). Critical success factors for managing construction small and medium-sized firms in growing nations of Middle East: Evidence from Iranian construction enterprises. Journal of Building Engineering, 103152.
(a) Sarvari et al., (2021) (b) examined knowledge on the critical performance criteria for controlling the building of smaller and medium firms in emerging nations in the Middle East. (c) The authors found that operating small and medium-sized businesses in emerging Middle Eastern nations relies heavily on effective communications, collaboration, and management. (d) This article supports my study because it provides light on what it takes to succeed in the small business industry.
Urban, J. (2021). Factors of Entrepreneurial Success: A qualitative multiple case study of new small businesses. In SHS Web of Conferences (Vol. 91). EDP Sciences.
(a) Urban (2021) (b) examined approaches, skills, and strategies of successful small business owners that lead to sustained development. (c) The author found that business and personal skills and approaches are critical for small business sustainability. (d) This article supports my study by providing the approaches required by small-scaled enterprise owners to succeed.

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