PROMPT: Discuss the use of notions about family as a tool of governance and legi

PROMPT: Discuss the use of notions about family as a tool of governance and legitimacy by Asian states.
Please use China as a case study. I’ve attached a list of 13 readings with notes. Please read through and include all of them in the essay.
Here is the framework I’ve come up with – appreciate if you could follow this skeleton as much as you can but feel free to add anything if you’d like to:
I propose the following perspectives –
Gender beliefs (cultural, with regard to Confucian teachings; popular culture – modern influences and how they shape views on monogamy, heterosexuality?)
General homophobia and heteronormativity
Illustrate with media and state rhetoric
Goal is to encourage fertility → (to be discussed in greater detail in section below)
Economic reform led to more egalitarian attitudes
Support of women taking up dual working and caretaking roles
But male privilege still exists
Institutional forces (state policies, education, welfare – Hukou),
Parent-child metaphor / state rhetoric (hegemony of parental governance reading, Ming)
State as benevolent parent
Restore order and peace, remove deviancy
The state is omniscient
Dissent stems from irresponsible malcontents
State is to remove deviancy with punitive measures
Citizens as children
Framed both by state and by citizens (fumu guan, zimin)
Rise of urban middle class neoliberalism
a neo-liberal discourse of competition, meritocracy and self-determination
Issues in family (one-child to two child to three-child flip-flop, aging population, changing social structure, low fertility rate?)

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