PROMPT 1 After listening to the music clips given, reading your text, and your o

After listening to the music clips given, reading your text, and your own experiences consider the following discussion questions and discuss your perspectives in two or more paragraphs.

What were your experiences with the music clips exercise in the observation section in this module? How might you use music clips such as these in music and ovement activities?
What has been the role of music and movement in your adult life? Do you believe music and movement ever played/plays a role in your own academic learning? If so, how?
What are the characteristics of each developmental stage in music and movement, and how can you use this knowledge to design effective learning activities?
Find an online resource providing curriculum ideas for music and movement at the preprimary level and share the link with your peers
What chants/rhyming books/songs do you remember from your childhood? Your Beaty and Pratt text provides you with numerous book, chant, and song ideas that you may want to incorporate into a music and movement lesson plan. Share which of these ideas you favored and why or share one that you have observed or that you have used yourself.
First, you are going to inventory your own music collection. Make notes to indicate which variety of music you seem to have most of, and then write a paragraph about why this particular section of your collection is larger than others. Describe why you think you like it more than other types of music.
Second, you are going to interview at least 5 children between the ages of 5 and 8 and ask them to tell you about their favorite music. Ask them to tell you about their favorite music and why they think they like this music more than other types. See if they can sing you a favorite song. Ask them what other types of activities they like doing while they listen to their favorite music. NOTE: Some students in the past have discovered that they learn a lot more if they interview this age group in a group setting. Others, however, have reported the opposite so you should choose whichever method you are most comfortable with.
Write a paragraph relating the results of your investigation of your own music.
For each of the young child interviews you completed, write a brief paragraph about the interview and your findings.
Then write a concluding paragraph that integrates your findings with other things you have learned in your readings and other activities this week.
Provide the complete results of this activity in a post to the Favorite Music Interviews Discussion to share with your peers.
Read your peers’ music posting and provide them with feedback and comments, comparing and contrasting your own findings with theirs.

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