Professor Greenberg I. Topic Proposal Term Paper and Presentation Instructions S

Professor Greenberg
I. Topic Proposal
Term Paper and Presentation Instructions
Step 1) Email a brief (1-4 sentence) explanation of what you want to research for your paper/presentation by the deadline listed in the Syllabus to
Step 2) Look for my response (use 24 hour email rule):
a. If I approve your topic you are ready to start researching
b. If you need to narrow down your topic, I will tell you this along with suggestions
c. If your topic is taken, I will tell you this along with suggestions for similar topics
Step 3) If Step 2 results in b or c, email me again until you have my official approval and then you are ready to start researching
II. Research and Independent Thinking
Step 1) First, conduct research to find out what is currently out there about your topic. Some topics require academic articles, some require mainstream articles, some require a mix of both, do what is best for your specific topic (ask me if you are not sure)
Step 2) The best papers and presentations represent not just a summary of the current research, but some independent thought on the topic by you, so spend some time thinking about what the research is saying. Ask yourself: what are some patterns in the literature, what are contradictions in the literature, what is missing from the literature, how do your experiences relate to this topic?
III. Writing/Submitting the Term Paper
Step 1) Pick a citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) and make sure you apply it throughout the paper from the beginning.
Step 2) Write the paper in a comprehensive, logical order/fashion (go to the W Center if you need help with the writing part)
Step 3) Print your term paper out and submit it at the beginning of class on the date listed in the syllabus
IV. Recording/Submitting the Presentation
Step 1) Create a visual presentation (PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi are best) that gives a comprehensive overview of all significant points from the term paper
Step 2) Use whatever technological process that is convenient to you to record a video of yourself giving the presentation Note: You do not need to physically appear in the video
presentation, but you should at least record your voice talking over the visual presentation/slides. Please save your presentation in an MP4 format if possible.
Step 3) Log onto HuskyCT for our course and go onto the Discussion Board. Click on the Forum titled “Research Presentations” and Click the “Create Thread” button. Put the title of your term paper as the Subject of your thread and attach your presentation at the bottom. Note: Do NOT include your name in the Subject, it is automatically included when you post. The deadline for submission is listed in the syllabus.

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