Professional Individual Assignment The University of Nebraska Medical Center-Oma

Professional Individual Assignment
The University of Nebraska Medical Center-Omaha hired you as a diversity management consultant. The vice president for center operations wants to highlight the medical center’s reputation for excellence in accommodating individuals with physical disabilities. As per the contract, one of your deliverables is to write an article on this topic for the medical center newsletter.
From your years as a diversity consultant, you are familiar with the ADA.
Discuss the key aspects of ADA that you will share with all employees so they understand the importance of the topic.
Include a discussion on how ADA assists organizations in maintaining a diverse workforce.
Write a 3-5 page report for the medical center’s company newsletter, which clearly identifies the key elements and importance of the ADA and how ADA can be used to help organizations maintain a diverse workforce.
1) The article should conform to APA 7th standards.
2) Include at least six (6) peer-reviewed sources to justify your responses, plus the textbook.
3) Textbook is attached. Recommended reading: Chapter 9: Interpersonal Relationships in the Global Work Context.
4) I need a SEPARATED file in word to justify the use of the six (6) references cited in the paper.
In this file, for each peer-reviewed source, you will need to write in correct APA format the Reference of the article, followed by a short paragraph (approximately three lines) explaining what the article is about and its purpose, and also describe how you will use it in the assignment.
Source 1
Ruiz-Pava, G., & Forero-Pineda, C. (2020). Internal and external search strategies of innovative firms: the role of the target market. Journal of Knowledge Management, 24(3), 495-518.
This article deals with the strategies of companies for product innovation and their introduction to the target market. I intend to use this paper to address the target market, segments, and positioning strategy.

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