Prior to covid, the economy was showing quite low unemployment, though in that w

Prior to covid, the economy was showing quite low unemployment, though in that was included many people shifting to the gig economy, some through not being able to make ends meet in their preferred careers, and many working multiple part-time jobs with little or no work benefits. Then in 2020 we saw the largest change in unemployment both in the amount of people out of work and then the amount rehired. Other countries approached the situation differently through different forms of government intervention. Through covid, there have been dramatic changes in consumer purchasing, dramatically reducing the size of some industries and magnifying others. Currently there are slowdowns in deliveries of imports and exports due to bottlenecks in container shipping. For a time this focused on Californian sea ports where container ships waited for extended times to be unloaded.
There have been changes in what people want out of work, with businesses in some industries finding difficulty hiring sufficient workers to meet demand at pay levels the workers are requiring. (Links to an external site.)
Supply side effects. people leaving/not arriving – eg retirees. People taking extended vacation. re-evaluating life decisions – how many part-time jobs do they need? Change in worker ‘tastes and preferences’. Costs higher of health risk. Two worker household or just one? Reduction in immigrants who made up a large part of the employees in eg farm, construction, and hotel/restaurant industries. Parents forced to stay home due to having no child care services or in-person schools available.
Challenge: pick a country that nobody else has chosen. It helps to pick a country you have some familiarity with.
Reply to this with the name of the country to reserve it for yourself.
After you’ve found found some information, go back and edit the comment with your answers.
Describe the changes in employment that country has faced since just before Covid.
What sort of government policies were put into place to deal with unemployment, and did they seem to have any effect on the economy. Relate the policies and country situation to models we’ve used so far in the course.
What long-term and persistent changes have there been in the country’s employment situation?
Compared with the unemployment situation in the US, are there any obvious similarities or differences? What causes do you think may have lead to those differences? Consider fundamental characteristics of the economy like the types of industries in each country, age and other demographics of the population, government policies and so on
Assuming you will google information, make sure to synthesize the information in your own words and reference it appropriately, while tying it to the models you have been learning in this class. I’m a lot less concerned about correct spelling and grammar than plagiarism
Please don’t pick the following countries:
South Korea

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