Preparation The financial department has reviewed your unit’s operating budget a

The financial department has reviewed your unit’s operating budget and has asked you to submit an executive summary that provides support for your budget proposal. Your challenge is to position your unit favorably within an environment of competing demands for limited funding.
As you prepare to complete this assessment, you may want to think about other related issues to deepen your understanding or broaden your viewpoint. You are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of your professional community. Note that these questions are for your own development and exploration and do not need to be completed or submitted as part of your assessment.
Consider the operating budget you developed in Assessment 2.
How would you justify your budget to executive leaders?
How would you link your budget to the organization’s goals and objectives?
How would you propose to meet productivity goals while staying within budget?
Note: The following requirements correspond to the grading criteria in the assessment scoring guide. Be sure that your executive summary addresses each point, at a minimum. You may also want to read the Guiding Questions: Budget Negotiations and Communication [DOCX] to better understand how each criterion will be assessed.
Write an executive summary of the operating budget you prepared in Assessment 2 that makes a compelling case for why funds should be allocated for your budget.
Outline a strategic plan that ensures profitability and fiscal success.
Present a plan to meet staff productivity goals, while staying within budget parameters.
Justify equipment and service costs.
Analyze department, unit, or project alignment with the organization’s mission and goals.
Write clearly and concisely, using correct grammar and mechanics.
Integrate relevant and credible sources of evidence to support your assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style.

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