Podcast Outline Your goal is to create a podcast that discusses your thoughts on

Podcast Outline
Your goal is to create a podcast that discusses your thoughts on how organizations function in general. An organization’s culture is typically the beliefs, ideals, values, and artifacts that makes the organization what it is. discuss the same topic but use a specific company – (Nike). In particular, consider one or more of the organizational concepts (i.e., human resources, decision making, emotions, diversity) that you have read so far to incorporate in your podcast.
Below, you will find the show format you must follow:
Introduction (2 minutes or less): Give an attention getter, the chosen topic, a preview of the podcast, and any context that will help the audience understand the topic.
Target audience (2-3 minutes): Explain who this podcast is for and why this topic is important for them to know. Provide at least two reasons that are supported by research.
Main point (2-3 minutes for each tip): Provide three practical behaviors/tips/guides that your target audience can use when communicating. Make sure to provide the research that supports your tips. Here is where you probably can weave in information about the theory/ies you are using.
Closing (2 minutes or less): Review the main points of your podcast. End your podcast leaving your listener wanting more.
Show Outline Guidelines:
· You must type out your outline for the show using 12-point Times New Roman font. It can be single-spaced.
· You must use in-text citations to indicate what sources you used to support your claims. This must be done in APA style 6th edition.
· You must also include a reference page in APA style 6th edition.

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