Please watch the corresponding videos in order to supplement your understanding

Please watch the corresponding videos in order to supplement your understanding of Attachment Theory for this activity:

The theory at issue for this activity is Bowlby’s Attachment Theory. Your book describes both Bowlby’s Attachment Theory and Mary Ainsworth’s approach to categorizing toddlers’ Attachment Styles based on their reactions in the Strange Situation. It is important to note that the theory suggests that the initial relationship with the primary attachment figure is foundational in that it creates an unconscious template (internal working model) that serves as the basis for future relationships. Therefore, attachment theory applies to our entire life. As such I want you to be able to recognize attachment styles not only in toddlers, but in adult lives as well.
After doing your reading and watching the video, please create a blog entry in which you describe yourself, or someone you know, in each of the four attachment styles with an explanation as to the parental and cultural factors that may have contributed to that type of attachment, and a discussion of the implications to their relationships later in life. If you are not comfortable with the personal nature of the assignment, then consider using examples from pop culture or media that can illustrate the attachment relationship at issue. Be sure to thoroughly describe the aspects of the relationships
Comment Posts:
Please comment on at least two other classmate’s posts, representing two separate attachments styles, and highlighting similarities or differences to your own personal experiences.
please submit it before the deadland that I can send you students works to replied

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