Please rewrite the sections where the sections below are highlighted in the docu

Please rewrite the sections where the sections below are highlighted in the document below.
Company Overview
Who is the company? What is the nature of their business? What is their product or service offering? Be detailed in your information.
Target Market
Discuss how your advertising supports the consumer decision-making process (pg 56).
Apr 7, 3:39 PM
Discuss where you are launching these ads – why there?
New Advertising
Discuss how this advertising will help to strengthen and support brand management.
Social Responsibility
Public Relations
Discuss the impacts to various stakeholders
Who are your main stakeholders impacted by your marketing plans? (customers? employees? stockholders? community?) You don’t need to talk to all of them – talk about the ones that are the most impacted. As an example: if you are an alternative energy company and your advertising focuses on the abolishing of fossil fuels – who will be impacted by this? The community? Clean air, environmental sustainability etc… Employees? Positive move towards climate change impacts.
Social responsibility –
It is not that we don’t care about what the company is currently doing, its just that we don’t care right now. For this report, you are to focus on how, if any, your marketing impacts social responsibility. If there is nothing then simply state its neutral. Do not discuss what they are currently doing unless you tie in how your marketing continues those efforts. Do not just make up some story that doesn’t exist – if there is no immediate impact that’s fine – there is no need to. If your marketing is aimed at tackling a social or environmental issue, you will have something to say here.
Social recovery
Have a contingency plan if your marketing plan is not widely accepted by the public or has negative implications.
This is what happens when all things go bad. Think back to some of the videos/ads I posted in module 14. These are ones that should have never been launched. How does the company handle it? What do they do? Their response is referred to as social recovery.
Analyze all your marketing. Don’t change it. But…are there any red flags? As an example: Did you create an ad that stereotypes people based on gender roles? Did you create an ad that could be perceived with a different meaning? Again, don’t make things up. Talk about things that may exist. If there is nothing – there is nothing. If there is something that may have push back, discuss how you will handle it. What will the company do? This doesn’t always mean pull the ad.

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