please reply to the discussion post below. references within five years Behavior

please reply to the discussion post below. references within five years
Behaviors that would change if given the chance would be medication nonadherence. Sometimes when a patient will take their prescribed medications, they patients will start to feel better. The patient will stop taking the prescription medications. The patient does not realize that it is the medication that is making them feel better or improving the initial issue that the patient was taking the medication for. For example, a patient might need medication for their cholesterol, the patient takes their prescription medication until the patient feels better or the next set of labs falls within the normal range (Marcum et al, 2017). Another example would be a patient who might be having some depression, and Treatment providers prescribe antidepressants to patients. The patient takes their medication and starts to feel better, then decides that they do not need the medications anymore because the patient is feeling better.
Using the cognitive behavior to teach the patient even though they are feeling better, the patient will still need to take their medications (Bastable, 2019). Teach the patient the effects of what might happen if the patient does not take the medications. Finding out why the patient feels that stopping the medication is a good idea. Structuring the education or helping the patients set goals to help them stay on their medications whether or not they are feeling fine.
Psychodynamics is another learning behavior that could help make changes in medication adherence (Bastable, 2019). Incorporating things, the patient can do in the patient’s lifestyle can help the patient become adherent. Setting a timer on the patient’s phone or having a medication box. Put the medication box in a place where the patient can see the medication box every day. Assessing why the patient thinks they do not need to take their medications is the best thing for them.
Changes in this behavior will help more women than men. Women are not as stubborn when it comes to their health as men are. Men might feel that they still do not want to take the prescribed medications because they still do not think that they need the medications. Some patients feel that if they take medications there is something wrong with them or feel if they do not take the medications, they will be fine. References
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