Please read the PDf attached and answer two of the following questions. Each ans

Please read the PDf attached and answer two of the following questions. Each answer must be more than 150 words each must include cited textual support and examples.
Another term for this sexual division of labor is sex segregation, the concentration of men and women in different kinds of work. America’s workplaces tend to be sex segregated, like those in the rest of the world . . . Workplaces also are segregated by race, ethnicity, and age” (p. 38). There’s also the phenomenon known as the “glass ceiling” (invisible barrier) that prevents women and minority men from advancing their careers and wages. Do you agree? Expand on these points through examples.
Social scientists and researchers have argued that the “introduction of Western notions about the sexual division of labor into non-Western societies has undermined women’s traditional economic roles” (p. 39). Explain this concept further with examples. In addition, do you think that the new economic model that is implemented through globalization would help or hurt women and the situation of the gender segregation in these countries?
“A second explanation for sex inequality emphasizes the idea that privileged or dominant groups try to preserve the advantage their groups enjoys . . .They do so in variety of ways, including denying subordinate groups the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to advance and segregating them into different spheres” (p. 44). How do you see that happening across the board in terms of gender, race, and other differences?
“Employers also contribute to levels of sex inequality through job assignments. Who ends up in what job is entirely up to the employers and managers…” (p. 47). It’s clear that the employers play a key role in changing the workplace and its culture. Do the customers also play a role in desegregating jobs and workplaces? How can they help?

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