Please read carefully instruction because my profesor is a strict marker for for

Please read carefully instruction because my profesor is a strict marker for format and assignment requirements: I prefer event in BC, Canada and please be specific, name of event and what type of it
Content Dimensions:
– Approximately 2 pages: Section Heading – I. Event Description, including type of event and where the
event will take place, the overarching purpose and specific goals of the event, and who the intended
audiences is, etc. (refer to the ‘What is your purpose’ handout, and other course required readings).
– Approximately 2 pages: Section Heading – II. Planning and Logistics – overall event outline and a
description of steps that will be undertaken to implement the event from start to finish (can be point
form with brief description of significant required course reading components). Addtionally, how to prepare it in post-covid
– References – use your own research to provide evidence to support your location description, and
required course reading resources to help explain what a purpose is and to support an
explanation/presentation of what your specific purpose is/goals are. The latter can be complemented by
your own research, but evidence of use of required course reading must be present (minimum of two
materials I upload here)
Formatting: I upload the temple of assignment on upload files, please just use it or follow with these below
• Use the main section headings provided above – you are welcome to create your own sub-headings as
• Create and submit your assignment in WORD only – please do not submit the assignment as a .pdf or
any other software programs .
• Cover page – must include the following information: Name, full assignment title, full course title (# and
course name), date.
• Use Times 12 Font, 1” margins, 1.5 line spacing, left justified, and number your pages.
• Writing Matters: Proofread, use the writing centre, ensure grammar, vocabulary, sentence and paragraph
structure, organization and flow, style, etc. (consider using an outline to organize your ideas and what you
want to say).
• Use of in text APA 7th is required; don’t forget that quotes require page numbers and quotation marks –
see APA for how to formulate in-text sources.
• Reference list page using APA 7th is found at the end of your assignment – remember that all in text
sources must be found in the reference list, and all references in the list should appear in your assignment
Additional sources:
– how to throw a 3 day music festival –
– A post-covid music fest in Thailan-

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