Please do not use any crazy or complex vocabulary. It is a simple writing assign

Please do not use any crazy or complex vocabulary. It is a simple writing assignment and I just need the questions answered in essay format as I have provided all the details you need to know to accomplish the assignment below.
First, look at both works online. Then, compare and contrast the works for each of the
following questions, using proper vocabulary.
These pieces of art are from the Metropolitan museum.
Peter Paul Rubens, Venus and Adonis (37.162)
Claude Monet, Camille Monet on a Garden Bench (2002.62.1)
1: Are the works representational, abstract, or non objective? Explain.
2: Where do you think these works were originally meant to be seen? Explain.
3: Discuss the compositions (the arrangement of forms). Consider things like symmetry and
focal point.
4: Discuss the artists’ use of line. Are there contour lines, outlines, implied lines? Are the lines
expressive? Are they arranged in such a way so that they suggest movement? Explain.
5: Discuss the artists’ use of space). Are the artists interested in giving the illusion of three
dimensions? If so, how is this achieved (through scale, overlap, linear perspective, aerial
perspective, foreshortening)? Explain.
6: Discuss the artists’ use of color and light. What is the palette? Do the artists favor primary
or secondary colors? Warm or cool colors? Are the colors generally pale or saturated? Is
there a consistent light source and modeling from light to dark? Explain.
7. Discuss the texture of the paint. Do the artists use impasto or are brushstrokes
smooth and nearly imperceptible? Describe the surface of the work and the way
the medium is applied.
8: What do you think is the content (as opposed to form) of the works? What is the
meaning? Is there apparent iconography? Explain.

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