please answer under the question Sex Education and Adoles

please answer under the question
Sex Education and Adolescence
In this video, Al Vernacchio, a comprehensive sex educator, talks about some of the issues surrounding sexuality. This is a long video, but goes into several issues about how we approach sexuality and sex education versus how we SHOULD approach sexuality and sex education. This longer video was chosen primarily because it addresses complex issues about how we think about sexuality, and these issues are very rarely addressed in real life or in classrooms (even in sex education classrooms).
For this assignment watch the video and answer the following questions. This is worth 2 points.
Video Title: Sexuality Education – Al Vernacchio at TEDx WakeForestU
Video URL:
Run Time: 18:02
Source: youtube/TEDx Talks
Close Caption Available: Yes
What are some of the faulty “models” for how we learn about sex?
What is a better model for how we learn and think about sex and sexuality?
What are some of the unhealthy attitudes people have about their genitals?
Our definition of sex as vaginal intercourse with a penis (basically, defining sex as mechanics) means that we often ignore what other issues related to sexuality?
What is the problem with “virginity”?
Discussion question: Think about how we use baseball as a metaphor for sex: first base, second base, etc. What is the goal of baseball?
Is this a healthy way to think about sex? What implications might these types of metaphors have on our perception of sex and sexuality?
HW Sex and Sexuality Education.docx
HW Sex and Sexuality Education.pdf

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