Pick one and answer: What are the essential elements of a vision? Explain the di

Pick one and answer:
What are the essential elements of a vision?
Explain the difference between analyzing the causes of problems and appreciating what problems have to teach us. Give examples of how that might be done with clients.
Until clients are ready, willing, and able to take action, what should the coach do to help increase their readiness tochange?
Explain the difference between behaviors and outcomes. Give examples of some behaviors and outcomes that might be part of a client’s health, fitness, and wellness plan.
Why is it important and valuable to track outcomes over time?How is holding clients accountable in coaching different from their being held accountable in the workplace and athome?
Why do we ask clients to set three-month goals?
When setting weekly goals, you should help your clients set goals designed to reach what percentages of success
What does the acronym SMART stand for? List three behavioral and three cognitive weekly SMART goals.
Why is it important to discuss client strengths and motivators when setting goals with clients?
When is it appropriate to talk with clients about challenges and the strategies they may want to use for dealing withthem?
When reviewing goals each week, what is the best way to quantify a client’s goal achievement?
What does it mean to set outcomes baselines? Give examples for weight- management, fitness, nutrition, stress-management, health risks, and subjective self-reporting on life goals.
Respond with at least 300 words including citations.
Submit your answers in a Word document and upload it.

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