*PAPER OVERVIEW/ REQUIREMENTS* “Review the Course Description and Student Learni

“Review the Course Description and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for English 1A. Now that you have finished the course, do you think you have met the SLOs?
Course Description:
English 1A focuses on critical reading and thinking, research strategies, and scholarly composition with proper documentation at the college transfer level. Students write expository, analytical, and argumentative essays informed by assigned readings, discussion, and/or research.
Student Learning Outcomes:
(A) Apply a variety of rhetorical strategies to write unified, well-organized essays with arguable thesis and persuasive support.
Develop flexible strategies for generating and drafting well-organized essays
Employ language consistent with argumentative essays
(B) Analyze, interpret, and evaluate texts and sources (primary and secondary).
Critically read a variety of primarily non-fiction texts for context or rhetorical merit.
Critically read a variety of primarily non-fiction texts for consideration of principles such as unity, tone, audience, and purpose.
(C) Integrate the ideas of others through paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting in appropriate documentation format.
Compose essays at the college level using appropriate format and documentation
Tour the library and complete library research
(D) Demonstrate proofreading and editing techniques so that written work conforms to the conventions of standard, written, academic English.
Develop flexible strategies for revising essays.
Compose varied sentences having grammatical, syntactical, and mechanical correctness.
Utilize transitional devices to articulate the progression, relationship, and importance of ideas.
In proper MLA format, write a reflection essay that describes how you have or have not met the Student Learning Outcomes for English 1A. Make sure you address each SLO (4 total). This essay does not require any outside sources and first-person “I” is okay. While this is an informal reflection, your essay should still meet the standards of college-level writing. Your essay should maintain a central focus, have organized, well-supported paragraphs, and an introduction and conclusion. Excessive errors that impede meaning will have a negative impact on your grade.
Minimum word count: 1200 (an A essay will most likely be longer than this)
Use specific examples and refer to specific assignments/texts/situations to illustrate your points.”
A.) My Experience: at the beginning of the course, I didn’t get a good grade in this category in the rubrics in an essay I turned in.
– Examples: In my essay #2, I was told (by my professor) to be a bit clearer in my thesis because this was one of my problem areas. My thesis for essay #2 was How hybrid online learning was the best of both worlds;
I’ve always struggled with this, and although it might have improved, I still find it very difficult, but it’s getting better now that the class has finished.
B.) My Experience: I have met the SLO “B.”
– Examples: When we had to do our “Summary/Analysis” papers on short stories in our “Norton Sampler,” we had to do a deep analysis of the text. We also had to do a deep analysis on The Things They Carried by Tim Obrien; we essentially needed to do a deep dive into each of the characters and psychoanalyze them.
C.) My Experience: I have met the SLO “c.” I’ve known how to quote somebody with quotations and cite them on my work cited page. But before the class, I didn’t know that intext citations were a thing. I also didn’t know that you needed to put in-text citations even if the work is paraphrased. this is something that I’ve brought up before in a homework questionnaire assignment where my professor replied, “that yes, you still need to cite even if its paraphrased”
– I also know how to use the online library book/article catalog to find my sources, and I’ve even applied this knowledge to my other classes where I had a large amount of research to do.
D:)I have met the SLO “D” I utilized my proofreading and editing techniques when I made revisions to “The Things They Carried” paper and how the new restructure essay is much improved because of this course.
*I’ve attached different papers that I’ve turned in, so you have more evidence to include in the paper*
– Gladwells’ outlier is the most recent work I’ve turned in, and shows how much my work has improved
– Metacognitive Reading Log shows how I’ve utilized my ability to understand what I’ve read and thoroughly analyze it (SLO “B”)
– Essay Revision shows how I utilized the proofreading and editing techniques that I learned in the class
– Essay #3-The Thing They Carried was my original essay before it was revised; it shows how much I’ve improved thought the course.
– Hybrid, best of both worlds, was the second essay I turned in that didn’t have a strong enough this is (SLO “A”)

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