Overview Having a toolkit that showcases your work and provides resourceful insi

Having a toolkit that showcases your work and provides resourceful insight will help you grow as a creative, a team member, and a leader. See the CreativeToolkit Assignments grading guide in the Syllabus for additional details on creating your toolkit.
Collect & create your work in an organized system. Create a written (Word or PDF format) toolkit for this week’s assignment which includes the following:
Resume Toolkit – Infographic Brief – Include Infographic Brief from last week’s assignment. Write a short description of the ways you imagine you can use Infographic briefs for projects you pursue in the future. IG Infographic – Include pictures of your exported images. Write a short description of the project describing what the image shows and the steps you performed to create it.
Links & Resources Toolkit – Collect resources and create a list of links with information about how to use Illustrator. Find at minimum three resourceful links to add to your toolkit. Links can be inspiration, tutorials, and anything else you find interesting and helpful regarding Illustrator & Social Media Posts/Marketing. Remember, your toolkit will not only be graded, but it’s a valuable asset you are creating for yourself to help guide & support you as you create your visions.
Best Practices & Growth Toolkit – It’s likely you’ll come across situations where you need to reference data, research, or case studies that support & empower your design choices. Collect links to articles, case studies, data analysis and supporting materials you can point to in the future when you want to validate your ideas and advance your knowledge. For this part of your toolkit, include a minimum of three links related to Illustrator & IG/Social Media Marketing that you can use to gain deeper understanding and reference in the future.
Remember – The toolkit can be as long as it needs to be, the content does not have to fit on one page. Use this document as a living resource library for you to learn from and build on as you grow.
On a single Word or PDF doc package your:
Resume Toolkit (Brief, Infographic Image)
Links and Resources Tool Kit
Best Practices and Growth Toolkit (Adobe Illustrator)

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