On the cover page it must say my name Anangelys Munoz Camacho date of today my p

On the cover page it must say my name Anangelys Munoz Camacho date of today my professors name nillian Mercado Ojeda my students number E0059808 and University Inter San German Final Project RUBRIC Literature Review
Format and organization 10 pts
• Cover sheet, introduction, body and conclusion and list of references in APA Style
• Parts are headed and subtitled correctly Grammar and Spelling 10 pts
• Does not present punctuation errors, makes proper use of capital letters, exhibits concordance and makes good use of pronouns, tenses, abbreviations, etc.
Summary and synthesis 10 pts
• Reduces and condenses the information, only highlights the really essential
• Avoid verbiage and redundancy
Cohesion and textual comprehension 10 pts
• Clearly exposes ideas
• The writing contains continuity and fluency
• Uses appropriate transitions
Identification of central and secondary themes 10 pts
• Clearly presents the main topic
• Develop subtopics from the main topic
• Perform contrasts and identify common findings
Maximum score: 50 points
You must complete a literature review on the chosen topic at the beginning of the semester. This must comply with the guidelines of the APA 7 format. It must contain:
* Title page (Cover)
* Introduction: Explains the focus and establishes the importance of the topic. Discuss what types of work have been done in relation to the topic. Identify if there are recent controversies, problems or doubts in the field related to this.
* Body: Summarizes and evaluates the current state of knowledge. It is divided by headings and subheadings
* Conclusion: Summarizes all the evidence presented and shows its importance. It should suggest any practical applications of the research.
* Reference List
Remember that both the introduction and the conclusion are written in a row and not on separate pages.
Page requirement: Minimum 8, Maximum 12 (including cover page and reference list)
You must have a minimum of 5 references.
The work must be sent in WORD, documents sent in PDF will not be accepted!!

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