NO OUTSIDE RESOURCE You should include description and analysis of specific exam

You should include description and analysis of specific examples rather than general statements. Avoid
general background information; instead, get right to the point with the most relevant content
that pertains to the given field study assignment. Do not include outside sources.
Identify factors that affect empathy and the social processes in which they occur. This field study invites you to analyze one example of empathy and one of disempathy in their situational contexts. Observe your own cognitive and emotional processes of empathy/disempathy in your everyday life for a few days and take notes as part of this assignment.
You should address each of these points in your analysis of each example:
What factors facilitated and constrained empathy (and compassion) and how did this happen? What meaning making accompanied this empathy/disempathy? How did the people involved experience it? .
Use relevant concepts in your analysis: empathy; compassion; resonance; cognitive empathy; compassionate empathy; ignorance v. acts of ignoring; parochial empathy; empathy bias; ideology; feeling rules. You don’t have to use all of these; use whatever is relevant and necessary for your analysis, which would be a minimum of at least two of the above terms per example plus whatever else you decide to use. You need a total of at least four concepts, so you can’t use the same two for each example.
In the first paragraph, describe any patterns of empathy/disempathy that you observed while doing this assignment (remember that the two examples you analyze are just part of this assignment). Briefly introduce the two examples you are analyzing and why you chose those examples (i.e. how they represent or fit into the larger patterns).
In the following paragraphs, provide a well-organized analysis of your examples of empathy and disempathy. In the concluding paragraph, reflect on what you learned, found interesting, implications, etc.
Standard formatting applies.
Page limit: 2-3 pages

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