Public health nursing practice regulations emphasize helping individuals and communities reach and preserve a healthy living environment (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2020, p. 229). Their focus requires understanding the needs of a population or a cluster of individuals who have one or more unique or environmental elements in common (Cunha et al., 2020). Population-based nursing understands aspects that impact health advancement and supervision, the tendencies and patterns affecting the incidence of illness within a population, environmental factors contributing to health and disease, and the political approach used to influence public policy (Potter et al., 2017, pg. 33). Essential public health positions include community assessment, policy development, and access to resources. When population-based health care benefits are adequate, there is a greater probability that higher levels of assistance will contribute efficiently to the health progress of the population.
A community health nurse manages a community as an entirety and evaluates individuals or families within the context of the community (Kuo et al., 2021). Community-based nursing care takes residence in community settings such as homes or clinics, where nurses concentrate on the necessities of an individual or family. Successful community health nursing practice implicates creating connections with a community and being responsive to change within the community. A community-based nurse’s competence is established on decision-making at the level of individual patients, and they operate as a caregiver, collaborator, educator, counselor, change agent, patient advocate, case manager, and epidemiologist (Potter et al., 2017, pg. 38).
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Participation in all discussions is imperative to learning in this forum. You are expected to participate in the discussions and make postings on a MINIMUM of two separate posting per week: Initial post to the discussion board is due by Wednesday at 11:59 PST. Initial post should be a minimum of 200 words. Your 2nd. and 3rd. discussion postings (peer posts) should be thoughtful responses to peers and are due by Sunday 11:59 PST. Peer posts must be made on separate days from one another. Peer posts must be a minimum of 150 words each.
A response to the initial questions below
Responses to at least two other students’ posts
Step 1
Post your responses to the discussion board.
Respond to the following criteria in your post:
In your own words, generate a concise definition of population-based nursing.
In your own words, generate a concise definition of community-based nursing.
Discuss the differences and similarities in your definitions of population-based nursing and community-based nursing.
Step 2
Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two other students following the instructions above..
Consider the posted differences and similarities of population-based nursing and community-based nursing and the definitions posed by other students. Expand upon aspects of population-based and community-based nursing as defined by others that are different from or complementary to your own ideas.
It is expected that your posts are substantive and are in proper APA format with a minimum of two (2) scholarly references for your initial post. In your subsequent posts, you should use citations and references to support your responses.

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