Most healthcare providers make recommendations based on their own personal exper

Most healthcare providers make recommendations based on their own personal experience but personal judgment is not a particularly reliable source of evidence since it can be impacted by cognitive limitations and personal biases. Integrated research-practice partnerships help to improve the implementation of evidence-based interventions. These collaborations take into account both research and practice-based evidence, going beyond simple efficacy evaluation. Integrating research and practice can lead to more practical and effective interventions that reach a larger number of people and are more likely to be sustained in practice. Strong experimental designs are required to accurately assess the long-term capacity for EBP training strategies and more researches should be devoted to removing objective barriers in EBP implementations (Li et al., 2019). While we strive to provide the best possible care to our patients, we frequently face challenges in providing customized care when we are constrained by the cost of services or what is covered by a patient’s insurance.
In my current position as an ICU health nurse, I frequently have challenges in locating appropriate resources for my patients to continue care at the required level because they lack financial assistance. I have seen patients getting transferred to step-down units and other nursing facilities due to insurance issues. Patients are consistently cycled through the system, beginning with acute-level hospital re-admissions due to a lack of aftercare and medication non-compliance. Medication and patient preference, which people get while in an in-patient setting, are part of the evidence-based practice guidelines for critical care patients, but there is a gap in the continuum of care. A three-level hierarchy for teaching and learning evidence-based medicine is suggested, including the requirement for interactive clinical activities in EBP teaching strategies (Horntvedt et al., 2018).
I am always critical thinking with my colleagues in order to shift this paradigm and will continue to advocate for change in this area.

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