Many airlines are looking to expand flying operations after the global Covid pan

Many airlines are looking to expand flying operations after the global Covid pandemic. Your role as an aviation analyst is to identify a new, potential, profitable route that will fit into the company operation. You have a choice between aircraft types, aircraft configurations and airports to operate into. Careful consideration of the current global situation and geopolitical factors are required, along with what extra precautions and liabilities the airline could be exposed to.
Short haul expansion out of London Gatwick (EGKK) Your client airline operates a common fleet of single class Airbus aircraft comprising A319 / A320 / A321 / A320 Neo and A321 Neo. The company does not carry cargo at the present time. They have been approved runway slots to start operations in May 2022. Your job is to identify a route, currently not flown from London Gatwick that could help the company return to profitability.
What has to be done
When researching the new route, try to answer the following questions in your report:
1) Is the new route primarily for tourism, business or cargo?
2) Is the route sustainable all year round?
3) What operational factors may present a challenge on operating the route?
4) What is the optimum choice of aircraft for that chosen route?
5) What is the optimum frequency of service per day / week / month?
6) Are there any geo-political implications when operating this route?
7) Why have you identified this specific route as the most profitable?
You may use charts, tables and diagrams wherever appropriate to present information and evidence. You may find it useful to read airline management books and journal articles. You are also strongly encouraged to use airline databases such as CAPA to research information about the route.
You will be awarded marks according to the following breakdown: Identification of strengths and business opportunities – 30%
Identification of threats, operational risk and weaknesses – 30%
Depth of research, analysis and synthesis of information – 25%
Report presentation, structure, spelling, grammar and punctuation – 15%

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