Major Assignment 4: Recommendation Report Compose a recommendation report on a n

Major Assignment 4: Recommendation Report
Compose a recommendation report on a new problem you’ve identified in your field. (***medical field nursing)
You will identify a problem or issue, then conduct a study and generate a report that offers your recommendation for addressing the stated problem, the pros and cons of alternatives, and why you recommend your solution. You should incorporate a minimum of 5 sources: three secondary sources and two primary sources. Any necessary documents should be included in the report as appendixes (interviews, surveys, case studies, lab reports, etc.). Make sure that you have thoroughly read and understand “Writing Recommendation Reports” and “Formal Reports” to ensure familiarity with formatting, essential elements, and proper writing methods.
Note: Although Ch. 13 provides the bulk of the information for this paper, you should review previous chapters and independently research formats most appropriate for your chosen discipline.
Front Matter
The report should begin with the following elements:
Letter of transmittal: introduces the reader to the purpose of the document.
Cover page: indicates the title of the document, the name and position of the writer, and the date of submission.
Abstract page: summarizes the subject of the report in fewer than 200 words.
Table of contents page: lists the various portions of your paper and corresponding page numbers.
List of illustrations (if necessary): a table of contents for figures and tables in your report
Executive summary: briefly highlights key elements of the report including the problem, the methods and research used in the report, the proposed solutions, and your recommendations. Although the executive summary is part of the front matter of the report, it will be easier to draft after you have completed the assignment.
The main portion of your reports should contain the following components:
Introduction: answers the questions
Methods: details the research you performed in order to write the report. For this section, include both the primary and secondary sources researched.
Results: includes the different alternatives you found for solving the problem. The conclusions section will include the pros and cons of each solution (including the recommended alternative and why the others are less viable alternatives).
Conclusions: explains the meanings or implications of your results.
Recommendation: includes your proposed solution and why that solution is the best alternative.
Back Matter
The final portion of your report will include the following:
Glossary of items/ terms that will assist your reader.
Appendices for any other supplemental information including:
Interview Transcripts
Other sources of primary data.
References page, written according to your discipline’s documentation style (MLA, APA, etc.), that lists your sources.

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