M13 Video Investigation: https://youtu.be/-ebkmo1Ygz8 Compose a detailed paragra

M13 Video Investigation:

Compose a detailed paragraph on your reaction to the film. What factors are presented that led to a decrease in Brazil’s population size?
M14 Video Investigation:
Choose one of the videos:

The Abortion Divide

Targeting Yemen

Compose two detailed paragraphs on your reactions to the film. Discuss several specific points from the film and how it relates to what you have learned this semester. Identify and apply at least one of the five major sociological theories and how it is evident in the film.
Review Checkpoint 5:
Select ONE of the major social institutions covered (Family, Education, Religion, Politics/Law, Economy, or Health). Discuss any TWO theoretical perspectives (Symbolic Interactionism, Rational Choice, Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, or Feminism) and what they would examine in regards to that institution. Provide a detailed paragraph or two with your answer.

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