Log Focus – SDoH/Community Assessment The Ohio Public Health Association (OPHA)

Log Focus –
SDoH/Community Assessment
The Ohio Public Health Association (OPHA) Public Policy
Institute two-part series will explore the many ways that institutional racism
has diminished life and health outcomes for communities of color. Increased
infant and maternal mortality rates; escalating incidence of heart disease,
diabetes and stroke; proximity to environmental pollutants; low wage employment
opportunities; substandard schools; and a disproportionate share of the
incarcerated population are just some of the challenges a person of color must
contend with while striving to be successful.
In the essay answer the following questions:
Recognize the role racism plays in determining health outcomes in communities
of color
Identify the ways in which state and local legislation impact
health and equity issues
Discuss how public policy work can build lasting coalitions that
provide knowledge and skills across differing racial, cultural, and ethnic
Describe successful efforts for integrating health and equity
considerations into public policy decision-making
Must use APA 7th edition format
Must use nursing peer review journals no more than 5 years old as references.

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