Listen to the podcast:

Listen to the podcast:
First, briefly tell a bit about what’s happening in the podcast. Then, choose a quote that really stuck out to you each from the podcast and the Chapter 8 summary. Link the podcast with Chapter 8. Why did you choose these quotes? What is it making you think about? Express your thinking in a new way this week.
As you’re answering the prompt, it may help to think about:
Themes – How do you see the themes of the course (disability, ableism, intersectionality, and disabled culture and identity) showing up in the podcast?
Connections – What connections do you see between the podcast and personal experiences, quotes/concepts from the chapter 8 summary attached below, and/or other content? (feel free to post links to other resources that may be of interest to us)
Questions – What is (at least) one critical question?

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