List of readings attached in files. (at least 5 must be used) Use Chicago-style

List of readings attached in files. (at least 5 must be used)
Use Chicago-style endnote citations for this assignment.
Essay 1 Prompt
The editor of The Times approaches you to explain that they are doing a series of articles on death and
dying. They’ve heard you are in SocDeath&Dying and would like you to write an article on the sociology of death
and dying to help readers understand the social dimensions of these universal human experiences.
The editor asks that your article cover 4 specific topics:
1. A general overview of the sociology of death and dying.
2. The importance of rituals, norms, and culture.
3. An explanation of “a good death” and the social factors that shape “good death,” including the
death denial thesis.
4. The intersection of death, dying, and identity
The editor wants this piece to reflect a strong understanding of sociological work and be accessible to a
wide audience, including people who have not taken a sociology class. Your article should discuss broad
patterns and ideas that are illustrated in concrete examples drawn from lecture and readings.
Your short articles will be assessed on:
– The strength of your discussion, explanation, and illustrations the 4 topics above.
– The strength of your engagement with reading and lecture material.
– Your ability to discuss, explain, and illustrate course material in your own words.
– The construction and support of a coherent argument in each article.
– Writing mechanics and clarity.
– Appropriately citing others’ ideas.
If material was covered in lecture and reading, always cite the reading. I understand the appeal of
privileging lecture over reading. Your goal, however, is to demonstrate that you have done the work for
this course. Plus, you should always appropriately credit the source of an idea or argument.

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