LINKS: 1. 2.

. Research the links above and create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 7 and maximum of 10 slides to address the following: Think carefully about the topic and give your opinion with respect to how this emerging technology will affect your daily life, state the advantages and/or disadvantages of this type of technology
Slide 1: Should contain information related to you class, date, your name, the topic and a graphic of your choice related to the topic.
Slide 2: Create a table of contents with bulleted points
Remaining slides should contain the following in any order:
A. A banner with the text inside titled “A Day Made of Glass”
B. Create a Hyperlink to a topic of your choice on emerging technology you believe is interesting
C. Create a slide with an Audio file of your choice.
D. Include the video from the second link above on one of the slides (hint: do not include the hyperlink above, only the video)
E. Create a Sources cited on the last slide of the presentation
F. Your presentation must contain animation on each slide
G. Your presentation must contain transition on each slide
H. Your presentation must contain a design theme on all slides
I. Your presentation must contain a different design theme on the last slide.

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