Like discussion #2 and discussion #4, this discussion will have you brainstorm a

Like discussion #2 and discussion #4, this discussion will have you brainstorm and post some questions for consideration for your upcoming presentation – Speech#5. For this discussion, post the topic that you’re considering for your persuasive presentation and assess the following:
Initial Post:
Authority: What do you bring to this presentation that might make you more or less influential in persuading an audience (consider common measures of credibility; age, experience, background knowledge, etc.)
Barriers: What barriers do you perceive will make convincing your audience to support your position more difficult (for example, controversial topics, negative attitudes towards the topic, lack of knowledge, or common misunderstandings about the topic)
Outcomes: What would your audience need to do after your presentation for you to consider it successful?
Speech #5 Guidelines: Persuasive Speech
(Course Learning Outcome 2-6 / Student Learning Outcome 1-4)
This speech is designed to apply all of the concepts you have learned thus far in this course. In this persuasive presentation, you are to select a cause, or social issue important to you and attempt to convince your audience to support it. You are welcome to, but not required to use the same topic you did for Speech #2 or Speech#4. Be specific about your course of action: Do you want people to donate, volunteer their time, or, like you, become an advocate and spread the word? Your speech should be based on sound reasoning and evidence, while also providing motivational appeals relevant to the audience’s needs and values. The specific requirements are detailed below:
As with the previous speeches, I will be examining your introduction, organization, content, and delivery as the broad categories. Specifically, however, you should bear in mind:
The speech should be 5-7 minutes in length.
Clearly incorporate at least one type of valid reasoning (inductive, deductive, causal, or analogical)
Utilize at least two different methods to establish your credibility (Competence; Concern; Trustworthiness; Dynamism.)
You must use at least one appeal to audience needs and one appeal to audience values
Your delivery skills are to be the best so far: Extemporaneous, conversational, energetic. In short, persuasive
Verbally cite at least four sources in your speech (remember, the rest of your audience doesn’t see your outline)
Prayer in schools
Classroom Size [25 or 100]
Suicide should/should not be a human right
Intelligent Design/Creationism
Animal Testing
Cosmetic Surgery
Sport teams named after ethnic groups
Cybersex should be illegal
Nuclear Energy
Social Security
Affirmative Action
Importing Labor
Racial Profiling
Home Schooling
Death Penalty/Capital Punishment
Gun Control
Electoral College Voting System
Sexism in Media
Global Warming
Same Sex Marriages
Alternative Fuels/ Ethanol
General Education Classes
Hands Free law
Open Source Code
College class attendance-taking
Oil drilling in Alaska
Speaking English in America
Assisted Suicide
The Patriot Act
Presidential Pardons
Smoking in public
Public displays of affection [PDAs]
Seat belt laws
Helmet laws
Boxers vs. briefs
Mandatory retirement ages
Speed limits
Wearing fur
Paying college athletes
Cosmetic surgery
School uniforms
Term limits
Nuclear arms
Microsoft is a big bully
Cost of prescription drugs
Public funding of sports stadiums
Factory farms
Organic farming
School breakfast programs
Internet gambling
Corporate corruption
Prison over-population
Education in prisons
Drinking more water
Video games and children
The SAT’s
Women’s rights
Children divorcing their parents
Minimum wage
Labor unions
Socialized medicine
Community College vs. Four Year College
Military spending
Food additives
Are UFO’s real?
Are ghosts real?
Gays in the military
Artificial insemination
Tenure for professors
Police corruption
Donating money to charity
Water conservation
Is NASCAR a sport?
Stay at home moms
Breast feeding
Censorship on the radio
Is Astrology real?
US. policy toward Cuba
Buying products that are made in the US.
Cable TV monopolies
Street gangs
Private schools
Media agenda-setting
Eating red meat
Brand name products vs. Generics
Learn CPR
Shop at small stores
Minority scholarships
Textbook prices
Women’s pay rates
Eat more chocolate
Eliminate pennies
Men should wear pink
Meghan’s Law
Downloading/copying copyrighted materials
“Sin” taxes
Home schooling
Child labor
Religious cults

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